Monday, 5 May 2008

Project language spaces & class interchange

I'm definitely hooked on the idea of being able to model once and export stub code in multiple languages.

The potential benefits in terms of providing shared 'Class swatches' are pretty attractive.  

So far what I'm imagining is that when you start a new project you select a language space for that project.  You would then be able to drag previously defined classes from a classes swatch thingy (best to be specific about the lack of definition here!) into that project - and the app would translate unsupported types according to the type mapping spec for that language. Swatch classes would only be able to be edited within the language space they were defined in - so you couldn't start adding MovieClip types to a class which you've created in ECMAScript.

You would also be able to create a new class 'based on' an existing class in your class swatches - this would import the class types into your project language and allow editing within that language.

Making sense?


Dauntless said...

Jup (Y)! :)

Stray said...


Phew! I'm glad I'm making sense to somebody!