Friday, 23 May 2008

Google code sign-up info

Join the Identity Modeller project at Google Code here.

I've also resolved the single-core / multi-core puzzle I think.  A multi-core version of PureMVC is going to be appropriate for a modules based application whether the app has one or many project windows.

Each module can run its own mini-version of the PureMVC framework.

The recommended strategy for modular PureMVC - presenting an interface to the module - is the only option available within the AIR security model anyway, so the multiCore AS3 port of PureMVC looks like a perfect fit.

I'm hoping that we can develop some of our functionality as PureMVC plug-ins.  For example - stuff around history / undo / redo across different modules is going to be a fairly generic solution. The saving of application state (something I love love love about Coda) so that when you start up next time it's just as you left it is also a framework solution that might be of use to other PureMVC users.

I've been thinking about the roadmap and time frame. A couple of people who have expressed interest in being involved are just hitting an intense period of exams and thesis submissions for the next month or so. I think that's potentially a good thing - I believe it takes a while for an idea as complex as this to settle and emerge. My objective then is to remain in planning until the end of June, and work towards a more and more precise definition of the project in that time.

Work begins in earnest at the beginning of July. I'd very much like to get to Alpha in October / November and release the first Beta in time for christmas. Wouldn't that be nice?

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